Meditation Instructions

Amatha Gavesi

Contemplation On The Impurities of The Body

The methodical practice of the Thirty-two Parts of the Body Meditation can help one penetrate and understand the true nature of the body. It can help one to see impermanence and comprehend that the body is made of four primary elements:

  1. earth (solidity)
  2. air (motion)
  3. fire (temperature)
  4. water (liquidity)
Practicing the Thirty-two Parts of the Body Meditation, can help one build immense levels of concentration, increase the potential for self-healing, and allow one to experience the taste of deep freedom and peace.

Imagine yourself removing the items part by part and contemplate each part as loathesome and impermanent.

  1. Head hair (Kesa),
  2. Body hair (Loma),
  3. Nails (Nakkha),
  4. Teeth (Danta),
  5. Skin (Taco)

  6. Flesh (Masam),
  7. Sinews (Naharu),
  8. Bones (Atthi),
  9. Bone Marrow (Atthiminjam),
  10. Kidneys (Vakkam)

  11. Heart (Hadayam),
  12. Liver (Yakanam),
  13. Diaphragm (Kilomakam),
  14. Spleen (Pihakam),
  15. Lungs (Papphasam)

  16. Large Intestine (Antam),
  17. Small Intestine (Antagunam),
  18. Stomach (Udariam),
  19. Feces (Kerisam),
  20. Brain (Mattagunam)

  21. Bile (Pittam),
  22. Phlegm (Semhan),
  23. Pus (Pubbo),
  24. Blood (Lohitam),
  25. Sweat (Sedo),
  26. Fat (Medo)

  27. Tears (Assu),
  28. Grease (Vasa),
  29. Saliva (Kelo),
  30. Mucus (Singhanika),
  31. Oil of the Joints (Lasika),
  32. Urine (Muttam)

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